Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Service man and the little monster

You definitely have to read this. 

2 days before
Last Sunday I sent my car for service. So the service man explained everything that has to be done and the total amount I had to pay. I don't really understand what he was actually explaining you know with all the terms and mechanic's thingy but  nevertheless I put up a "I know a little bit about cars okay* face to the service man.

Then came the billing part and I started to pay real attention. 

"Ok kak, so the total amount will be RM570.70." *wipe sweat*

"Uh? emm.. Mahal jugak eh? Hmm... Tadi yang aircond ape tadi tu yang u kata tu?"

" Aircond Filter"

" Ha, aircond filter. Aircond filter tu kalau tak buat sekarang apa jadi?" -ok nampak sangat tak terer"

"Kita biasa buat every 30,000km. Kalau tak buat nanti aircond berbau la senang cerita"

"Oo..*tak penting sangat la takat bau masam peluh tu boleh tolerate lagi la=P* Kalau macam tu tak payah buat lagi lah aircond filter tu. Next time saya buat." I said to the service man

So he deducted from the bill and my total amount due became RM470 instead. Ok la dapat kurangkan sikit and I feel proud inside because I made some major decision today.hehe.

Today.During lunch hour
Earlier today, during lunch hour I was driving home from office to cook for iftar. *gigih balik lunch hour masak sebab balik kerja dah kena melayan askar kecik*

While I was driving, it suddenly appeared to the corner of my eye a glimpse of something protruding out from the aircond on the passenger seat.

I turn to look at it and to my horror, its that BIG SLIMY creature that I hate, geli, cannot tahan the mostt!!


I steered my steering uncontrollably to the left and right *i know bahayaa*  and scream hysterically don't know what to do!

Oh my god oh my god!

Its a LIZARDDD! waaaaaaaa

Then lizard gila tu macam tau-tau I takut and dia pun terkejut agaknya I jerit kuat sangat dia pun keluar lagi kepala tengok kat I.


"Jangan lompat please! please please pleaseeee!".I pleaded to the lizard.

In that chaos I pushed the gear to 'P' and the car stop gradually making very loud noise. Oh myy.. rosak kereta from high speed i changed to 'P'. nasib takda kereta kat belakang. Then i cabut kunci keluar kereta taktau nak buat apa kat tengah2 jalan tuuu.

Waaaaa... Nak buat apa nii.. Cicak tu bukan cicak biasa kat rumah tu tauuu.! Cicak yang gerutu gerutu tuuuu 

Ewwwwwww! can you imagine!

After a few minutes I got my senses back. I took my mini broom that I used to sweep the car from habuk biskut my askar kecik selalu sepahkan and started 'shooing' the lizard.

'Shooshhh! Shooshhh!' knock knock in the hope to fear it out."

Thank God it worked. the lizard masuk balik dalam aircond and I quickly push the aircond's blades down giving no space for the lizard to come out at least until I got home.

Then I got back into the car, mini broom still on my left hand and I drove back home terrified and wanted to cry the whole way.

Alhamdulillah I got home safely . 

Driving back to office
Then I had to face that moment again. I opened the door, started the engine and looked cautiously to the aircond and all over the car and saw no sign of the monster at the moment. 

I forced myself to just drive quickly and not think of the action I would  take if the monster came again.

Alhamdulillah, again I arrived at the office safely without any attack from the monster. 

Throughout the evening I prayed..

Please lizard dont come out into the car. Go find other ways to go out and please don't die in my aircond.

Or else, I'm definitely have to meet mr service man again to eventually change my aircond filter. *pengsan kalau bau bangkai cicak weyyy* 


"cries a bucket*

Where the incident took place

-The end-

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