Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Its that time of the year!

So its been about 1 year since I last blogged. 

When starting this post, I don't know what to write about. Hehe.

After thinking about it, I thought, how about .. a post on Ramadhan!  Totally the right time right!

So, first and foremost Selamat Berpuasa everyone! Hope everyone had sahur this morning. Here's what happened on my first day of Sahur.

I set the alarm at 4.45am. The plan was bangun and masak nasik and simple dishes for our sahur.  Then, when the alarm rings, Umar pun terjaga sama. So I stayed for a while to put Umar back to sleep. Tapi sampai 5.15 Umar takmau tidur. Since Umar is breastfeeding had to change plan kejut husband mintak tolong beliau masak nasik.

5.20 Umar takmau tidur jugak terus bawak Umar turun bawah and I took over the kitchen. Pastu while waiting for nasik to masak tgk tv kejap when suddenly realized kenapa nasik masak lambat sangat? Tengok rupanya periuk nasik terpadam tiba-tiba short circuit kot. Fine.. It was already 5.30. So terpaksa ambil nasik yang dah haflway cooked tu letak atas dapur and let it cooked for a few more minutes. 

5.35 baru start makan. Makan dengan lajunya sebab 5.41 dah masuk subuh. Tengah makan dengan lahap tuuuu tiba-tiba azan Subuh! wuaaaaaaaaa
TAK SEMPAT MINUM AIRR... Dah laa makan lauk pedassss.-____- wuwuwu..

On this note, i recalled having a chat with my colleague who's working abroad. I asked her how's Ramadhan over there?

Her reponse was,

'Oh nothing much different. Its just that now is summer, so Imsak is at 2.53am and Maghrib is around 9.40pm


19 HOURS reallyy?!!

Syukurrr I'm in Malaysiaa tak minum air pun takpaa insyaAllah boleh tahan sebeb 8 jam aje!=) 

So wherever you are, Happy Fasting everyone! May this Ramadhan brings us closer to Allah insyaAllah.

See you next time!

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