Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My labor experience

Assalammualaikum to all!

This post has actually been written looong time ago. Its during my confinement period that I wrote this post. However, I did not publish it until now because I was too lazy to upload photos from my camera to add to this post. Hehe. So please enjoy my way too delayed post of my Labour Experience and meet my charming little hero..

Umar at 3 months

My due date was on the 13th of March 2014 and I showed no sign of giving birth until my 39th week of pregnancy.

It was only after Maghrib prayers on the 10th of March that I felt a mild stomach cramp. Perut jadi keras sikit and I was a bit excited about it since the waiting game has been so long. So I told my husband who was still relaxing on the prayer mat .

B. i think Ill give birth tonight lah. Macam ada sakit sikit nih with a smiling face. 

huh? Yeke?! Kejap. Let me do some preparation jap. Hubs quickly grab the Al-Quran and started reciting the surahs.*Panicked mode on * 

Okay then. I tido jap later when you are finished and I still sakit we go to hospital okay? 

Hubby gave a nod and continued reciting the Quran and I took a nap. 

Buka mata. Bunyi burung. Fineee.. Dah pagi and I still did not give birth . Yesterday was a false alarm. hehe

So hubby went to work as usual and I stayed at home since I was already on maternity leave. I did some house chores and slept and ate and slept again . Hubby came home and after Maghrib, we decided to have dinner outside. 

While getting ready for dinner, I felt the stomach cramp again. Informed hubby, and we decided not to go hospital just yet takut false alarm macam semalam.hehe. So off we went to  Alamanda for our dinner. While waiting for our order, the stomach cramp came again. This time, it's stronger and more frequent. It felt like electric wave (its the surges i think) but a bearable one not so painful.  I senyap didnt tell hubby about it. Masa makan, tengah borak2, when the surges came, I'll stop talking and kept quite. Hubby didnt notice at first tapi bila dah banyak kali baru dia perasan. 

So, ready nak pergi hospital dah? hubs asked

I think its time. Jom lah. I said

Masa jalan nak pergi kereta, the surges came a few times and I had to stop to embrace the surges. 

We arrived at the hospital around 9.30pm, explained to the nurse on duty, register and  waited at the check up room while waiting for doctor to come. There were 4 other ladies at that time and I overheard one nurse telling the lady next to me her labour symptom is still at the early stage and she has to go to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital since the ward in Putrajaya, Kajang and Serdang hospital were all full that night. Listening to that, I was a little bit tensed since KL is so far plus the traffic was bad and hubby will have trouble to come and visit if I were to be warded more than one day. wuuuuu. Berserah sahaja lah if that's my rezeki..

Than, came a beautiful, young and soft spoken doctor to check me up. She listened to my explanation tentatively, asked a few questions and gave me a warm touch to calm me down (muka cuak kot?heheh).

Everything seems good. We'll see if laluan dah terbuka or not okay. Said the doctor

She put on her gloves and did the procedures. 

Ok... Dah 3-4cm dah . Puan tunggu sekejap saya panggil bos saya sekejap to double check okay. 

10 minutes later, came the bos and the beautiful doctor. He checked. 

Ehh. ni dah 5 cm dah ni.. Ok get her ready. Dia xboleh pergi mana dah takut tak sempat. Tell her husband we'll admit her now. 

What? Dah kena admit? Takutnyaaaa and Alhamdulillah at the same time. Tak payah pergi KL Yeay!

What happens after that were so fast, they gave me clothes to change, broke my water bag, gave me medicine to throw, put on drip to my hand and at 11.30 pm I was already in the labour room with my husband at the side. Hubby was very busy texting everyone informing that I have been admitted. 

Masa ni surges were harder and sakit jugak. Thanx to HypnoBirth The Mongan Method, I think I was able to bear the pain. For your info, this book is a good read since it helps you to set your mind positively thus helping you to go through your labor easier and with less pain.

The doctors came again and checked and this time it's already 8 cm. 

Puan, do you need epidural? asked the doctor. 

Since I already set my mind to try as close as I can to natural birth, so I decided not to take Epidural. (oh tak sangka pula Gov Hosp offers you epidural. Dah sama macam Private juga! )

They left and gave time for me to relax and asked me to press the call button if the surges were strong and I felt like giving birth already.. Masa tengah layan surges konon nak berborak dengan husband la nak distract the attention. Tapi sakit so senyap je layan perasaan.hehe. It didnt take too long when I felt a very strong surge that I quickly press the button. 

Okay. laluan dah complete. Puan, whenever you are ready and when the surge came, push with all your might okay. said the doctor.

March 12th, 1.00am..
It took about 40 minutes before the baby decided to come out. It was exactly 1.00 am  at that time. baby keluar lambat sebab umi malas nak pushh.. hahah. Mana nak tahu rupanya the oxygen mask they gave to me was not really an oxygen mask. It was actually some kind of anaesthetic to ease your pain and somehow the gas makes you macam lali ala-ala nak tertidur gitu. hehe. I was exhausted but when the nurse placed the baby on my stomach, I felt so relieved and touched. I am a mother now =)

I was warded for 4 days since baby was down with jaundice. Overall I am very grateful that Allah has awarded me with kind and good doctors and nurses throughout my labour .

Nahh.. now Umar is already 6months and 5 days young. So far we are doing okay with parenthood. Umar is sleeping well during the night Alhamdulillah and he is going to start taking solid foods now!wiwiwi..My doa is for him to grow healthy and be an obedient son and muslim insyaAllah. 

Thanks to my Premium Beautiful corset, I am back in shape now and it only took me 3 months to get my shape back.  To mommies out there, selamat berpantang to those who just delivered, and to others take good care of your health so that you can take care of your children and family. For me, I wear Premium Beautiful corset consistently and I have Bioseleza pads too apart from eating balanced meals and drink lots of water. 

Thank you so much to all for the warm wishes and doas and gifts of course. Baby umar loves it all=) 
Till then and thank you for reading Umar's first adventure =)


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